Saint Thomas Mission

UBC students pursuing the life of God to the full, together.

Saint Thomas Mission is a ministry and community for UBC students to build relationships with each other and with God, to study Scripture together, and share in the life and mission of God. 

The Four Loves of Saint Thomas Mission: 

  • Love God 
  • Love the university 
  • Love each other  
  • Love the church

A partnership between Sojourn Church and University Chapel, we are committed wholeheartedly to the flourishing of the university and the church. Here, at UBC, we are pursuing the life of God to the full, together. 

We meet for dinner and small group study every Wednesday at 6:00pm at the Saint Thomas Mission House (1650 Western Parkway). We regularly host social events, from games nights to dinner parties, as well as book clubs, study groups and evenings dedicated to thoughtful engagement with the arts and the academy.

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