Sojourn Homegroups

Home groups

At Sojourn we believe it is vitally important for us to be meeting in smaller groups during the week. These are spaces where we gather as brothers and sisters to share meals together, to encourage and pray for one another, and to study the Scriptures together.  It is in these small groups where relationships deepen and where we seek Christ together in community.   

Currently we have one home group which is meeting on Thursday evenings and Paul and Kristin Robinson's home (email [email protected]).  We meet at 6:30pm for dinner and begin study at around 7:30pm. 

We also have a student ministry - a partnership with InterCP ministries - which meets at the church on Monday evenings. Dinner is provided at 6:00pm and the program starts at around 6:30pm.

If you have any questions, please email Geoff or Paul.