Tuning our senses to the glory of God 

What if we slowed down and took the time to attend carefully to the beauty of God in the creative arts? To watch a film, read a poem, or listen to an album and reflect on the beauty of the Lord in the art created by his image bearers? In our contemporary society we have bifurcated the “spiritual” and “sacred” from what is “natural" and “ordinary.” Thus this practice of “beholding” works or art and creativity seems less spiritual and holy than reading our Bibles. I’m not sure this is true. In fact, when we attend to the arts in this way, we are tuning our senses to the glory of God and training ourselves to know God in ways beyond the cognitive and intellectual. We are learning to “taste and see that the Lord is good” in the world beyond Sunday.

This is the purpose of our BEHOLD! gatherings. We gather together once a month to attend to beauty in the fine arts. Sometimes we host poetry readings, and other times we make a visit to the theatre to see a play together.