I'm New

I'm New


We're glad that you're having a look around our website.  Whether you're a long-time church person or have never been part of a church before, we want you to feel welcomed and refreshed in our gathering on Sunday evenings.  We hope that the information on this page and the rest of the website will help you to understand who we are and what we're about.  

Time and Place? 

We gather at University Chapel (5375 University Blvd) for worship every Sunday evening at 5pm. Every week after our worship service we have dinner together. 

Who are we?

We are a fairly eclectic and international community of people.  We're also a lot of fun and we love connecting with new people. We think Jesus is a pretty big deal, and we believe that only in him can we find true hope, healing, and purpose... But we understand that you might not feel the same.  That's okay.  Wherever you're at, we would love for you to join with us. We can journey together.  

What are your services like?

Liturgy: Our sevices follow a certain pattern, or liturgy. The word "liturgy" is from the Greek meaning "to serve.". Liturgy is a way in which everyone can participate, knowing what to do and when. We intentionally use liturgies from around the world and from the rich heritage of the past, allowing us to enjoy both the similarities and the differences in Christian worship across cultures and time.  Most liturgies are rich prayers on a theme from Scripture, or acclamations of praise and thanksgiving for what God has done. It may seem strange to you as we stand, sit, kneel, confess, and pray together. Don't worry, we have liturgy sheets which will help and guide you. 

Music:  We join with the chorus in heaven by singing songs of worship to God.  Our songs are a mix of contemporary and classic hymns and choruses.

Preaching: Because we believe that the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit and accurately reveals truth about God and life, every week we have time of teaching from the Bible.

Communion: We receive "Holy Communion" every week in which we participate in and celebrate the sacrament of the Eucharist.  It involves partaking in a small piece of bread and a sip of wine with an attitude of reverent thanksgiving.  This simple meal has many layers of significance and meaning for the Church, which you can read about here.

Prayer:  We pray often.  Sometimes we all pray together (according to the liturgy), other times individuals lead us in prayer.  Once a month we have an "Evening Prayer" service when we devote much of our time to praying for our needs and the needs of the world.

If you have any other questions or would like to meet up with someone from Sojourn, you can email Geoff or Paul

If your interested in becoming more involved at Sojourn, you can fill out our "Connect with Sojourn" form here.